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take me back

Sleepovers. Sun tea brewing on the back porch. Feeders full of songbirds. Strawberry fabric printed comforters. White paper lanterns. A giant hand-painted piggy bank. Afternoons by the pool. All of these beautiful-to-me memories are from my childhood; and they all took place at Chipmunk Lane.


I am Becky, the founder of Chipmunk Lane. Shortly after the birth of my son, Leo, I fell in love with the small-business, social-media community that featured unique clothing for infants and toddlers. After spending time on Instagram (way too much if you ask my husband), I decided I wanted to join the party and create the types of apparel I was looking to buy for my son. 

Two-ish years later, with the support of my husband, John, Chipmunk Lane has launched as an online retailer of gender-neutral clothing featuring super soft, comfy and hip gear that embodies a youthful spirit. My wish is that our apparel is some of the must-wear gear for your favorite littles as they are busy creating their own beautiful childhood memories.